Not all things succeed

I was doing some cleaning and sorting in my studio this week; ok I was actually trying to find something amid the chaos. During my search I came across a quilt project that I had started several years ago based upon ads for the animated movie “Coraline”. A photo in the newspaper showed a little girl crawling out of a tunnel that was shaded in rings of blue and purple with the wider, lighter rings at the entrance of the tunnel and the smaller, darker rings toward the interior. It seemed to be something I could use to make a statement: crawling out of the abyss into the light….a metaphor for certain parts of our lives (and what was going on in mine at the time?). I picked out fabrics from my stash and I think I went out and purchased some for this project as well. I cut out the circular pieces and then cut some more, but somehow it just didn’t work. I’m not sure if the gradations in color were not subtle enough or what, but it finally got too frustrating and I put it aside. Now it is three years later and I’m wondering if I should give it another “go”!