I grew up in Central Illinois knowing how to sew and do needlework, which both my mother and grandmother always did. My mother is very artistic, and I followed in her footsteps by taking painting classes as a teen and sharing her interest in antiques and “decorating”.

Although I majored in interior design in college, nothing quite clicked in that area career-wise, and I ended up in advertising and marketing until I had children. I became a stay-at-home mom and when the kids were little and napping, I started watching HGTV where I discovered “Simply Quilts” with Alex Anderson. This is where I found out about art quilts, an offshoot of the traditional block quilt that I never knew existed! My love of color and beautiful fabrics is a perfect match for this medium, which I describe as being “like paintings, only in fabric”. I bought several books (Joyce Becker’s Luscious Landscapes was one of the first, and is still my “bible” on some basic techniques) and started sewing. I am mostly self-taught but continue to seek education via books and workshops.

Artist Statement

The source of my work comes from many places, but I am especially drawn to design motifs, curves in particular.  There is something about combining a series of shapes  into a design that speaks to the mathematical side of me.

Part of the appeal of this medium for me is the problem solving aspect. I love searching for just the right fabric to create a certain effect, or playing with different embellishments to add the final finish to a project.